Date: Next workshop TBC - If you would beinterested in attending one please contact me.


Time: 9.30am - 1pm


Venue: Musselburgh


Cost: £50


This workshop is for complete beginners with little or no knowledge of the Tarot cards. You will learn quickly and easily about the tarot deck and how to undertake a Tarot reading. The Tarot do not tell you exactly what is going to happen, rather they offer the seeker guidance and direction. They offer answers to your deepest questions. They reveal what troubles you most and offer guidance for resolution. If they answer a particular question with relevant guidance, then this can indeed alter the course of your life – in a positive way. 


With regard to learning and memorizing the book meaning for every single card, this is not absolutely necessary.  Yes by all means you need have some knowledge of the basic theme for each card however when you connect with your guides they will work with you on a way that enables you to ‘read’ the card according to how you work.  Ultimately when you look at the picture on a card you will see something different depending on how you view the world in general.  And so if you read the cards according to what you see on them then chances are you will be accurate. And every reading is different.  I may turn over the same card two readings in a row but it will mean something different for each seeker. This is why it is important not to get too hung up on the book meanings.


So if reading cards appeals to you then why not give it a go. This workshop will give you the opportunity to play with them, meditate with them and have fun exploring the pictures and see what they say to you. 


You will:

* Gain an understanding of the Tarot Deck and how to 'read' the cards without the need for a book.

* Learn and experience how to faciliate a reading for another person using a small spread..

* Enhance your intuition and become more confident in expressing your interpretation of the Cards according to your own feeling. 

* Connect with your guides.


Workshop Feedback


"I wanted to understand more abut Tarot and have the confidence to give readings. The workshop fully met my expectations. I really enjoyed the morning. It gave me confidence".


"I wanted to learn how to use the Tarot and have a beter understanding especially in working with my guides. The workshop met my expectations 100% and I really enjoyed myself. I feel confident going forward to offer readings. Would definitely recommend!"


"I hoped to become more familiar with the Tarot cards and the workshop definitely met my expectations. I now feel confident and able to give a short reading. It was a great morning!"





Gift Vouchers Available

Treat a loved one to the peace and tranquility of a Reiki Healing, A relaxing Thai Foot Massage or Indian Head Massage or perhaps they would like a Psychic Tarot Reading.  Gift Vouchers can be purchased here. 

Tarot Parties

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Email Psychic Tarot Reading

Live too far away to come for a Tarot reeading? Not a problem. You can get a 3 Card Tarot Reading by email for just £5 or a more detailed 5 card tarot reading via email for just £10. Pay securely via the Paypal button below and your reading will be emailed to you within 3 working days of payment.  All readings are done by me personally using my old and trusted Rider Waite tarot deck - no pc software.


Disclaimer: In accordance with UK law I am required to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to accuracy. The client is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal or medical advice. If you need legal, medical or other professional advice please seek a licensed professional.

You are required to be over 18 years of age and are requested to submit your date of birth on making payment.  Thank you.

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Distant Healing

If you would like a Healing but live too far away to come to me in person, you can purchase a distant healing.  A distant healing may also be purchased for a loved one as long as the recipient is agreeable to receiving healing. You can find more information on how distant healing works at the bottom of my Reiki page here To book your distant healing please use the secure Paypal button below. Please submit the name, date of birth and location of the recipient.   Thank you.  Cost is just £20 and healing will be of around 30 minutes duration.  The healing will be done within 48 hours of payment and you will be advised via email as to when.

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