Space Clearing and Feng Shui

Everything in the universe and beyond is made up of energy, constantly flowing and changing and affecting us all.  The energy of the places in which we live, work and socialise affects our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Energetically, everything that happens in a building - thoughts, actions and emotions - is held there like dust, imprinted on the walls, floors and furnishings. Traumas, arguments, repeated patterns of behaviour and ill health will leave behind 'bad vibes' and this negative energy stagnates thus adversely affecting all the people who live there. This results in residents feeling out of sorts without knowing why, suffering ill health, experiencing discord with loved ones and having poor and disturbed sleep.


Space Clearing is a profound and highly effective technique to clear and cleanse away the past negative and disruptive energies from your home enabling you to make a fresh start. It fills your personal space with vibrant, positive, revitalised energy and in doing so raises the quality of the lives of all who live there. You will also receive Feng Shui guidance and tips to enable the good energies to flow freely around your space.


Space Clearing is a practice found in most traditional or native cultures. In the West people use spring-cleaning and house-warming parties to clear out the old stagnant energy and bring in more positive new energy.


Space clearing will most certainly be beneficial for you, your family and your home if:


* You have recently moved into a new home.

* You find it difficult to relax fully in your home.

* There are regular arguments and disputes among residents.

* Residents suffer with poor health and low immunity

* You have difficulty getting a good nights sleep

* Visitors never stay for very long

* Residents feel discontented and/or uneasy without knowing why


A Space Clearing ceremony will completely cleanse your home of negative energies and revitalise it, resulting in a more harmonious, relaxed environment for all. 


When I carry out a Space Clearing I would usually spend about 20 minutes in each room while on site.  This includes tapping into any negative energies and clearing them, putting positive Reiki energy into the room and clearing the area using Sage.  In addition I will note the direction of the room and the areas of your life which are influenced accordingly in line with the principles of Feng Shui.  You will receive a detailed report for each room advising you of any findings, and detailing the Feng Shui principles in relation to that room depending on it's location and direction. This report will include basic advice regarding items that will enhance a particular area, direction of furniture etc.



Thank you for your email, I will take your advice.  Also thank you so much for the clearing.  We have noticed the difference!  The energy feels lighter especially in our bedroom!  We have slept better the past few nights since you cleared it! 




Alison’s “space clearing” made our new house our home
We bought our new house from a family struggling with a recent and profound trauma, and when we moved in we needed a succession of tradesmen, painting, carpeting, plumbing, etc. After a few months I still struggled to feel at home. Then Alison came and spent the morning “clearing”. I came home to little crystals on window sills, post-it notes everywhere saying things like:” Plant needed here!” and “Red item needed here!”, and sometimes “Good choice!” and “Perfect place for this!” It was hilarious. But there was a serious side. The energy in the house was different; it was coming alive and beginning to respond to our presence. My husband was sceptical of some of Alison’s suggestions. But as I gradually went ahead and made the adjustments, they made total sense, they “fit”, and the rooms felt softer, more welcoming and accommodating as a result. I reckon the fact that my husband didn’t notice the specific changes, and just relaxed more and more in our new home, as I have, is more about Alison’s gift than his lost specs….again.

Thank you Alison.

Heidi Alexander




My charges are currently £20 for each room cleared. This includes hallway, bathroom etc as these are seperate spaces.  For example a standard 2 bedroom house with living room, kitchen and bathroom would total £120 - 5 rooms plus hallway.  You may not want the whole house cleared as it may be that there are certain rooms more affected than others.  Minimum number of rooms I will undertake is 3.  This price includes a follow up email with basic feng Shui advice for each room cleared.  


This price will continue for a limited period as increase is pending due to the level of work involved.  Thank you. 

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