Thank you Alison. I had never had a reading by email before and was unsure what to expect. A very accurate reading of my curent situation and I look forward to the outcomes! Thank you.

Carol, Dublin


Amazing reading Alison! Especially the last part about my deceased grandmother..I thought she's with me..I loved her so much!

Thank you again and I am looking forward for the next reading in the future!



I had an amazing tarot reading last night .. Being unsure if I actually "believed " or not. I have to say, I'm so converted! Everything that came up in my cards was completely relevant to my past and present! Was actually spooked and a bit emotional .. Cannot recommend Alison enough! ( just to add this was the first time I met her) AMAZING!!  

Kirsty Walker, Edinburgh


Thank you Alison. This is so incredibly helpful and summarises exactly how I am feeling.

It also helps me see that all will be well and the answers will come. Fiona


Dear Alison
Than you very much, that made so much sense and it has already been extremely helpful.

All the best to you.



Hi Alison!  Just wanted to say thank you for your reading. I think those three cards pretty much summed up my current situation. I'm actually going overseas in two weeks and hopefully as you say ,I will see some other things that I've been hoping for manifest themselves in the near future as well. Kind regards


Thank you so much for the Tarot reading! This is exactly what I've been dealing with.. Amazing work,Alison! You're such a talented Healer!  M. London


I'm very glad I decided to start meditation classes with Alison over two years ago. I look forward to the classes as they give me, and everyone that attends, a great sense of calm. I have been going to regular Reiki treatments for about a year and I feel physically and emotionally much stronger for it. Thanks Alison.

Debs, Musselburgh


Alison is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable healer who has helped me overcome emotional and personal obstacles on numerous occasions. Having been a client of hers for two years now and having attended her meditation and Reiki sessions, I recently decided to complete the level 1 Reiki training with her . During the day-long session, she guided me through the Reiki process, clearly explaining the principles of energies and chakras and answering all of my questions without hesitation. The one-on-one session was empowering, captivating and surreal at times, and by the end of the day, I felt confident in my ability to practice Reiki on myself, friends and family. Alison, who is professional yet nurturing, has offered me ongoing support even after the training, making this a particularly supportive experience for me.
Based on my positive experience with her, I would without a doubt recommend Alison to anybody looking to do the Reiki training.

Marie Claire, Edinburgh


Went for a colour healing session and it was amazing. Really changed my view on things and felt enlightened. Recommended highly.

Wilma, Glasgow


(Reiki Class) - Thankyou Alison for the most amazing day ever.!! How good and proud I feel tonight. Thankyou for such a wonderful gift.Be so proud of yourself for being able to deliver such an amazing thing to others in the way you do .It was truly amazing and so are you . Lovely to meet the other girls and look forward to starting my case studies.  Janice, Musselburgh


"Just had a wonderful Indian head message with Alison. Would highly recommend this to anyone! Thanks Alison" Deborah,


Alison’s “space clearing” made our new house our home
We bought our new house from a family struggling with a recent and profound trauma, and when we moved in we needed a succession of tradesmen, painting, carpeting, plumbing, etc. After a few months I still struggled to feel at home. Then Alison came and spent the morning “clearing”. I came home to little crystals on window sills, post-it notes everywhere saying things like:” Plant needed here!” and “Red item needed here!”, and sometimes “Good choice!” and “Perfect place for this!” It was hilarious.But there was a serious side. The energy in the house was different; it was coming alive and beginning to respond to our presence. My husband was sceptical of some of Alison’s suggestions. But as I gradually went ahead and made the adjustments, they made total sense, they “fit”, and the rooms felt softer, more welcoming and accommodating as a result. I reckon the fact that my husband didn’t notice the specific changes, and just relaxed more and more in our new home, as I have, is more about Alison’s gift than his lost specs….again.

Thank you Alison.
Heidi Alexander


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