Have you thought about trying meditation but felt intimidated by the idea?  Do you think that it is something you will need to ‘study’ for years to be any ‘good’ at it?  Do you think that you will have to change their whole lifestyle in order to be successful? Or perhaps - and this is the key issue for many – you feel that you will never be able to silence the continual chatter which goes on in your mind!

If you have any of the above beliefs regarding meditation then let me reassure you that while years of meditating will certainly develop your ability, it does NOT take years to learn basic and simple meditation.  After all it is, quite simply, a state of deep relaxation. You certainly don’t need to change your lifestyle, although you will find that you will see gradual changes – good ones such as reduced stress, better health etc.


Meditation is simply a state of deep relaxation, a technique which focuses the mind, quietens the chatter in our heads and enhances our awareness.


Most of us don’t breathe naturally. In natural breathing the solar plexus expands on the inhale and contracts on the exhale. Most people actually do the opposite, which then increases – rather than releases – emotional tension…………….Yes it really is that simple.


Regular periods of meditation have been scientifically proven to:


* Decrease Stress and anxiety
• Boost the immune system
• Cure phobias and obsessive thoughts
• Rejuvenate confidence
• Improve concentration, memory and focus
• Help headaches and migraines
• Relieve feelings of depression
• Lower blood pressure
• Strengthen resolve
• Relieve asthma
• Regulate mood
• Aid digestion
• Increase motivation
• Relieve constipation
• Heal addictive traits
• Curb obsessive behaviour
• Aid eating disorders
• Resolve insomnia and sleep problems
• Help reduce panic attacks
• Improve relationships


I am no longer faciitating meditation classes. However I do still offer one to one sessions to aid you in clearing your mind and finding deep relaxation.  These are for 30 minutes and cost is £20. 


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Disclaimer: In accordance with UK law I am required to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to accuracy. The client is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal or medical advice. If you need legal, medical or other professional advice please seek a licensed professional.

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